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Frequently Asked Questions

How does HomeDirect offer such low prices?

HOMEDIRECT CLUB’s business model has always been to “eliminate the middleman” and pass on the savings directly to the consumer.  Traditionally, manufacturers have sold their products through wholesale and distributor channels, who would then sell those products to retail stores.  Consumers have never had the ability to purchase directly from those manufacturers, so the inflated prices from the middleman as well as the inventory costs and profit/commission needs of the retailer is passed onto the consumer.

HOMEDIRECT CLUB as more than 45 years of experience and hundreds of thousands of members who give us the buying power to deliver massive savings to the online consumer.

What is the shopping experience like at HomeDirect?

HOMEDIRECT CLUB Offers the online member only Brand names, and provides only products produced new from manufacturers, and in most cases, full access to each manufacturers’ complete product lines.  There are no offers of close-outs, used or blemished items, or discontinued products.  With HOMEDIRECT CLUB, you are shopping at direct prices, only on quality merchandise.  You will have access to professional design consultants, advice, and service from beginning to delivery.  You’ll also know how much you’re paying and how much you’re saving, as we show you the confidential differences.  See what the buying power of hundreds of thousands of HOMEDIRECT CLUB embers can do for your new lifestyle.

What about customer service?

HOMEDIRECT CLUB’s knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you by answering your questions, designing your new kitchen or bathroom, assist you in selections that match your visions, and make the ordering and delivery process simple and efficient.  Whether by phone or email, you are assured of great member service from qualified professionals.

How much can I really save as a member?

Markups in pricing from manufacturer to retail vary by category of products, so savings will also vary depending upon products purchased.  Because of HOMEDIRECT CLUB’s buying power, members will always enjoy savings on the products they want.  According to the US Dept of Commerce, the average retail markup on home furnishings is at 45%, which includes closeouts, specials, and discontinued items sales.  In many cases, furniture and décor markups can exceed 85%.  Since 2005, online sales have escalated yearly and recent statistics show online and internet sales comprise 65% of all US sales.


Our experienced kitchen designers will help you select the styles and functionality you need to renovate or build the kitchen of your dreams!

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