HOMEDIRECT CLUB has a Savings Guarantee that applies to all merchandise that is generally available for purchase by all members. As a member, you can submit a claim under our Savings Guarantee if you find a verifiable authorized retail price that doesn’t meet our savings percentage for the merchandise. When we verify the information, we will provide you a new price that is equal to the authorized retailer’s price. Products and prices shown are examples of real HOMEDIRECT CLUB savings provided to real customers; however, products and prices are subject to change and examples shown may not be available at all times.


Product Pricing

We attempt to provide accurate pricing for the vast selection of products on our website. We are not responsible for typographical or pricing errors. We reserve the right to correct any and all errors. Products without prices can be added to your cart at no cost ($0) so an accurate  price quote can be provided to you within 24-72 hours. Under no circumstances will any product be sold for $0.00.



HOMEDIRECT CLUB provides estimated shipping times based on each supplier’s shipping history. These estimated shipping times are available at the time of order placement. As shipping times are dependent upon the supplier’s inventory and production schedules,HOMEDIRECT CLUB cannot 100% guarantee specific delivery dates or offer compensation for unforeseen delays. If you have questions regarding shipping times or would like to inquire about a delayed order, please call our Member Care Team.



The manufacturers represented by HOMEDIRECT CLUB are continuously adding new products to their lines and discontinuing older models.HOMEDIRECT CLUB receives new information from suppliers and updates the digital catalogs at www.homedirect.club to ensure that product information is as current as possible and accurate for members. If a product or supplier is discontinued during the selection process, we will attempt to find an acceptable replacement for the product. If a product is discontinued after you’ve placed an order, we will work with the supplier to find an acceptable replacement product; or, if you prefer, cancel the order and provide a full refund on the item. We will gladly respond to any inquiries regarding product availability.



If there is a change in the price of the merchandise and the estimated shipping charges, between the time the order is placed and the time of the shipment, the total cost of the order will be adjusted accordingly. In this situation, a refund or a bill for the difference.



It may be possible to cancel an order, providing the supplier hasn’t yet processed the purchase order. If you want to request the cancellation of an order, contact us as soon as possible. Once a supplier receives the purchase order, the option to accept cancellation of the order is entirely the supplier’s decision. If you wish to cancel an order that has already been received by a supplier, we will make the request for you and notify you when the supplier responds. Clearance and closeout items may not be available for cancellation.



HOMEDIRECT CLUB guarantees that members receive only first quality merchandise, free from damage and defect. As such, HOMEDIRECT CLUB does not offer returns on merchandise that is delivered free from damage or defect, and accurately represents the corresponding purchase order. However, some manufacturers will accept returns in accordance with their own return policies, in which restocking fees and freight charges will apply. If you wish to request the return of an item, HOMEDIRECT CLUB will work with the manufacturer to obtain a Return Authorization; and, if accepted, a refund will be issued when HOMEDIRECT CLUB has received credit for the product.



All available manufacturer warranties apply to all new products and most clearance center products purchased through HOMEDIRECT CLUB. It is important to complete and submit any merchandise warranty or guarantee documents that the manufacturer provides as soon as you receive your merchandise to help ensure that your merchandise is covered.

Warranty periods and items covered vary by manufacturer. Any warranty or guarantee documents are enclosed with your merchandise, or refer to the manufacturer’s website for stated warranty policies. If any problem develops while your product is still under warranty, contact us immediately, and we will be happy to help you contact the manufacturer’s warranty center. Additional warranty coverage may be available on select items. Feel free to contact our Member Care Team with any questions.



HOMEDIRECT CLUB complies with all applicable federal, state and provincial regulations and requirements in respect to the cancellation of your membership agreement. Beyond such regulations and requirements, or in the event you may experience difficulty realizing the full benefits of membership, HOMEDIRECT CLUB will work with you to resolve the issue(s).



Payment of your Membership fee is due prior to the expiration of your current membership term. Your membership will be automatically renewed where permitted, or may be renewed online.



Please notify us of any change in your name, address, phone number or email address by updating your account online. This information is used to keep in contact with you when your purchases arrive, and to send you news and important membership information.


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